Jon Jones
Image via: UFC/ZUFFA LLC

Jon Jones No Longer Interested In Moving To Heavyweight

For the past couple years, former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones hinted at eventually moving up to the heavyweight division to seek another title there. It looks like he’s now having second thoughts, as he recently stated on UFC Unfiltered that since he’s rejuvenated his career and cut out all his unhealthy habits from the past, the weight cut to make the 205lbs limit is easier than ever.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m looking at it as if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I used to eat bad and party all the time and that made me think maybe I won’t be able to manage staying at this size, staying at this weight. But now I’ve calmed myself down quite a bit and through sobriety and just my outlook on my career and everything, I eat healthier naturally and I just make better decisions naturally. So my weight cut’s better.

I walk around with a better physique than I used to. I feel I’m treating myself better and also I’m almost 30-years-old. So it’s not like I’m hitting any growth spurts this late in my life, so I kind of feel I could stay at this weight class for a long time.”

This is fairly disappointing news for MMA fans, considering the fact that Jones has already fought and beaten majority of the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Should Jones defeat Daniel Cormier on July 9th at UFC 200 to re-claim a title he never lost in the Octagon, the appeal for a third fight between the two men is not there.

The only intriguing matchups left for Jones moving forward in the light heavyweight division would be a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson and a fight against the hard-hitting Anthony Johnson.

As fight fans, let’s hope Jon Jones gets the hunger for a greater challenge and does move up to heavyweight to have many new and interesting options there.

The entire UFC Unfiltered episode can be listened to below