Jon Jones

Jon Jones Not Thrilled With CM Punk Joining UFC; Hopes He Gets Knocked Out

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones might have his toughest fight on his hands this coming weekend when he steps in the Octagon with Daniel Cormier at UFC 182. But the champion took the time out of his preparations to do an interview with Chad Dukes to talk about a few things.

And one of the hottest topics in MMA got brought up, as Jones was asked what he felt about the UFC signing former WWE star, CM Punk.

Although he does acknowledge that it will bring more attention to the UFC, he is not too thrilled with the situation, and went as far as saying he hopes Punk gets knocked out in the Octagon. Here’s what Jones said on the Chad Dukes vs The World Radio Show:

“It’s gonna bring a lot of publicity. I went to my first WWE match this year and the enthusiasm and emotion on the fans faces, it was like they were watching real fighting in the UFC. I do have a respect for the influence of the WWE and the passion of the fans

I just think it’s unfair for the people who have been working their tails off to earn this opportunity. That’s why I really hope UFC gives him a real opponent so we can watch him get knocked out.

Every day I’m at the gym watching these kids training. These guys have no money and they’re training their tails off, giving up everything to be a fighter. Living in the gym, eating turkey and peanut butter, bare minimum to chase this dream and then a superstar like him just gets to jump into the UFC just because he knows the right people and has a name.”

It’s rumored that CM Punk has decided he will train at Roufusport MMA academy for his highly-anticipated UFC debut, which is expected sometime in 2015.

It seems UFC fighters are divided on whether or not they like the idea of CM Punk joining the UFC. But nobody can deny that he has an enormous fanbase that could help get any event he fights on get more tickets sold, and broadcast views.

Jones makes the comments on CM Punk at the 7:00 minute mark of the Podcast that you can listen to – HERE


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