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Jon Jones And The Madness Of His Absolute Excellence


In this video below, Joe Rogan talks about Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan and the madness that goes along with the excellence that each of them have achieved in their respective sport and careers. Each of these 3 athletes were so competitive that it seemed like it was a madness that fueled their drive during the process of gaining excellence. Rogan made these comments in 2011, but if he made the same video today, it would have to include Jon Jones.

Jon Jones is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist that we have ever seen. He has out-struck amazing strikers, submitted jiu-jitsu blackbelt’s and even out-wrestled an Olympic wrestler when he went against Daniel Cormier. Jones has made it a point to beat people at their own game and he has done it time after time again for years. It’s as if world-class fighters look foolish when they go against Jon Jones.

Jones is very interesting when it comes to talking to the media along with his verbal and mental warfare towards his opponents. Early in his career, he tried to portray a squeaky-clean lifestyle and seemed very fake in his interviews with the media. When his fight with Cormier happened, things changed. We were able to see some off-the-air footage of Jones verbally assaulting Cormier and telling him that he would literally kill Cormier if Cormier ended up spitting in his face.

Jon used very harsh language in the footage and called Cormier a lot of derogatory names. Jones went on to defeat Cormier and was not very classy in his post-fight interviews. Jones even made fun of Cormier for crying after his loss to Jones. It is almost as if Jones has a sociopathic tendency of having no sympathy or remorse. Jones feels like he is always right even if he is caught red-handed in the process of something. He has admitted to being fake in the past, but if he was fake then, we have no idea of when he is acting real.

Jon Jones madness

With the success of Jones, he reached superstardom in MMA and is definitely paying the price for fame. He drives the fanciest cars, parties hard and has been guilty multiple times of reckless and careless behavior. He once even ran away from his vehicle when he had struck another car. What was interesting about that crash is what was in his vehicle; loads of cash(of which he went back for), marijuana and condoms. Jones was truly living the high life, but it ended up costing him his UFC light-heavyweight championship belt.

Time went by after that car crash and he then got back into training. Jones had an interview with Ariel Helwani to break the silence on his behavior and spoke about his lifestyle at the time of that crash and how he was changing his life altogether. Jones even mentioned quitting a habit of habitually smoking marijuana and he quit binge drinking to go along with it.

He even changed his training while he was away from the UFC and started a power-lifting routine. His multiple Instagram posts showed how he completely transformed his body and was able to get considerably stronger. He definitely was sending a message to the light-heavyweight division and telling them to ‘watch out!’

Jones had convinced many fans out there that he had changed his life and was ready to fight again. Jones is currently scheduled to face Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 in April, but his recent arrest may put that main event in Jeopardy. The UFC has not said anything about cancelling the bout, but all we know is that UFC officials are looking into it.

Just when you think things are going smooth with Jones, something always happens. Ali, Jordan and Tyson all had different problems with different consequences, but the consequences of Jones’ actions because of his problems may keep him away from the cage for quite a while. It is possible that Jones reached super-stardom at too young of an age and he has never learned how to handle it. Whatever it is, Jones needs to get it together or we will never know how great he truly is or can become in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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