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Mark Hunt Turns Down JDS Rematch, Prefers To Take On The UFC


Mark Hunt will not let go of his legal battles with the UFC. As we know, Hunt lost to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, afterwards the UFC revealed Lesnar had failed a few drug tests. As a result, ‘The Super Samoan’ demanded to receive half of Lesnar’s $2.5 million check.

He also took it to his social media to voice his complaints and attacked the UFC. He began advocating for fighters to form a union and threaten to take legal action against the company. Last month he hired attorney Christina Denning to help him explore his legal options.

Mark Hunt vs Brock Lesnar

Mark Hunt wants to fight, but his window is closing quickly. Hunt knows that a legal battle with the UFC would probably represent his retirement.

Because of that, Hunt and Denning want to resolve the matter without a legal battle. The UFC has the same intentions and even offered Hunt a fight. A rematch with former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, but Hunt and Denning aren’t willing to give ground on what they see as fair.

Mark Hunt and his legal request

“I flew out to Vegas and met with three attorneys on behalf of the UFC to try to talk about a resolution, because Mark wants to fight. Mark turned down the upcoming UFC 206 fight against Junior dos Santos because the UFC wouldn’t agree to the terms that we had proposed. The UFC folks haven’t shut any doors on us. They haven’t said we’ll never talk to you about a provision like this in the contracts. The door is open. I’m waiting for the UFC to call us and come up with a resolution.”

“Normally I’d just file a lawsuit… but we are talking about it because he want’s to resolve it and he wants to fight. He just wants a fair fight. That’s what the UFC anti-doping policy is. That’s what they state is the goal of it, to have a level playing field and it’s not.”