Matt Hughes Criticizes Johny Hendricks’ UFC 181 Game Plan; Compares Him to Georges St-Pierre

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes wasn’t impressed with Johny Hendricks’ game plan and style he used in his title fight against Robbie Lalwer at UFC 181 this past weekend.

The UFC hall of fame fighter compared the way Hendricks fought to the way former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre implemented his game plans in the Octagon for the past several years.

Speaking on MMA Fighting‘s ‘The MMA Hour’ with Ariel Helwani, here’s what Hughes had to say:

“I believe that he got this from Georges St-Pierre. GSP is not a guy to go out and win fights. GSP wants to win three of the five rounds. He wants to win a round, then win another round, then win another round and I think Johny really tried to do the same thing. Not go out there and win the fight, but go out there and win rounds.

That’s not the most exciting thing to watch, watching a guy go out and try to win rounds. People want to see people go out and finish the fight.

I think Johny got caught up in the whole aspect of trying to win rounds based on takedowns. You never saw Johny go out there and try to finish the fight. Even a couple of times, when he had maybe Robbie stumbling a little bit where he could have capitalized on that.

I think Johny will go back, I think Johny definitely had a hard weight cut, and that’ll be corrected the next fight. And I think he’ll go in with a game plan of, I’ve got an opportunity to finish this fight, let’s not let it go to the judges.”

Many fans and media felt that Johny Hendricks wasted too much time pinning Robbie Lalwer against the cage with his head in between Lawlers legs.

Referee Herb Dean actually had to separate Hendricks and Lalwer several times when he felt there wasn’t enough action happening.

According the the official UFC stats, Hendricks scored five takedowns out of seventeen attempts. When Hendricks was successful with the takedown, he didn’t do anything threatening to Lawler.

When Bruce Buffer was about to read the official scorecards, majority of fans were anticipating Hendricks to be awarded the victory, but that wasn’t the case, as Robbie Lalwer was given the split-decision win.

Matt Hughes makes his appearance at the 2:34:40 mark of the video below.