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McGregor’s Old Coach Killed A Man In A Street-Fight

Conor McGregor was coached by Jonathan Dargan over a year ago to help him with his Taekwondo to prepare for his fight with Dennis Siver. Apparently on March, 5 Dargan was involved in an altercation on the street which left Paddy Mullally dead on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Mullally fell back on his head after being struck with a punch by Dargan and all Mullally was trying to do was settle a dispute between Dargan and his girlfriend. Dargan shared some words with concerning the matter.

“I’m so sorry, it was an accident,” Dargan said (via “I’m devastated and heartbroken for that man and his family. All I can say is I’m crushed. If I could take back everything that happened that night I would, but all I can do is beg his family for their forgiveness. It was a genuine mistake.”

This case is currently being investigated by Dublin’s public prosecution. It is unknown how long Dargan will possibly serve in his sentence.