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Michael Bisping Wants Dan Henderson Rematch Or GSP Next

Newly crowned middleweight champion Michael Bisping made an appearance on yesterday’s episode of The MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani to speak about a number of topics. One of those topics that was discussed is what fight Michael Bisping would like next.

After ruling out Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold, Bisping explained why he’d love the chance to avenge his devastating UFC 100 loss to Dan Henderson:

“Of course, there’s been talk of Dan Henderson, which kinda came out of the blue. Dan Henderson kinda tweeted something out and then Joe Rogan put a picture on Instagram and it seems to be getting a lot of traction. Of course, that is a fight that I would love. It’s not a fight that’s been offered or anything like that, but it’s a fight that I would take, because everybody knows about UFC 100 and Dan Henderson still has that image of him floating above my head whilst knocked out as his logo. So, I would like to put him in his place. But, there’s many options, there’s many viable contenders. The UFC hasn’t come forward to me yet with an opponent. As I’ve said many many times, I’ve never turned down an opponent yet and I certainly don’t intend to start turning people down as champion. One thing I would like to do is defend the belt in the UK. So, I would love to defend the belt in Manchester, later in the year. And then also I believe there is some other people floating around in there as well, potential super fights. Maybe you know more about it than me Ariel?”

Ariel Helwani then advised Michael Bisping that there was a post on social media by one of Georges St-Pierre’s coaches suggesting that the two men should fight to see who can pick up their 20th UFC win, which would be the record for the organization. When asked if it’s something Bisping has or would consider, here’s how Bisping responded:

“It kinda has, now that you mention it. And I mean, just the words that you said, those words get me really excited. As you say, fighting Georges St-Pierre, the great Georges St-Pierre, and of course, for the title of ‘Who has the most wins in UFC history.’ That alone as a tagline, and great promotion. Of course, the numbers would be fantastic with Georges St-Pierre, he’s a proven draw. And at the end of the day, we’re all trying to generate as much money as possible.

I do want to defend the belt and I want to make as much money as I can in the process. So, I would certainly be open to sending Georges St-Pierre back to a movie set, because that would be a fight that I would definitely win. And if Georges St-Pierre is listening: buddy, any time just be a man, sign on the dotted line, and your return will be short lived. But, whether it’s Georges St-Pierre, Dan Henderson, Jacare Souza, whoever it is, please line them up and I will knock them down.”

Although a Dan Henderson rematch might not make too much sense right now rankings wise, a lot of fans and even media are already buzzing about the possibility on social media. So it’s fair to assume there’s a chance it could happen.

Georges St-Pierre fought his entire UFC career in the welterweight division. It’s believed that he’s open to fight again at welterweight and or middleweight. However, Georges St-Pierre has said that he does not want the responsibility of holding a UFC title anymore. If the Bisping fight was of interest to St-Pierre, to see who can reach 20 UFC wins first, it would likely be a non title fight.

Michael Bisping’s appearance comes at the 2:16:51 mark of the video.