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Mo Lawal Feels Lawsuit Against UFC is Good For the Sport

Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion and current Bellator MMA fighter Mo Lawal recently gave his thoughts on the lawsuit against the UFC, which was revealed earlier this week.

And in his personal opinion, Lawal feels the lawsuit is good for the future of fighters and the sport. Lawal also slams some of the fans who are supporting the UFC, calling them ‘idiots’.

Speaking to Steph Daniels of Bloody Elbow here’s what Lawal had to say about it:

“I think it’s great and can help a lot of fighters. Some of the fans siding with the UFC are idiots. Why on earth would you get mad at fighters for wanting to make things better for other fighters? This isn’t about how successful the UFC is. This is about the treatment of fighters. If they can help the fighters’ quality of life better, it would ultimately make for better fights.

These guys are having to work extra jobs to put food on the table, having a hard time with a training camp because they can’t afford to miss work. The fans should be behind the fighters more than the organization. If this was the NFL, people would be ‘The players need to get paid more.’ In MMA, people are like, ‘Nate Quarry is just a disgruntled ex-employee.’ These guys are out there bleeding for the fan’s entertainment. They should be treated better.”

It seems the fans and media are divided on the lawsuit against the UFC topic. Some feel Nate Quarry, Cung Le and Jon Fitch (Plaintiff’s) are just bitter that they were not able to have more successful careers in the UFC.

While others are commending the three for having the courage to take on the UFC in court, and feel the UFC have underpaid and mistreated their fighters for a long time.

Regardless of what the outcome is in court, the lawsuit could do some damage to the UFC’s reputation, to what extent won’t be known until it’s conclusion.

You can listen to the audio of the lawsuit against UFC press conference HERE

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