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New Conor McGregor ‘Touchbutt’ Video Released


Even with all of the antics from what Nate Diaz said at the press conference, Conor McGregor has not stopped his ‘touchbutt’ training and he is still as hardcore as they come. McGregor has shown in the Octagon that he does indeed have cat-like reflexes and he has excellent reaction time and movement to go along with it. McGregor was able to display his reaction skills very well in his last title fight against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

McGregor realizes that the sport of MMA is still quite new. There are a lot of forms of training that have not been taken advantage lately. McGregor has even talked about watching animals as a form of training and mentioned that we can learn a lot about strength from animals that cannot be acquired simply by lifting weights. Animals are able to balance and react at odd angles and McGregor plans to continue to learn from animals every chance he can get.

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