Eddie Alvarez Most Likely UFC Bound

Where there is smoke, there is fire as the saying goes. Former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was a special guest of UFC President Dana White at UFC on FOX 3 in New Jersey last night.

Dana also made sure to mention the fact that Alvarez was seated with him at the post fight press conference.

You can see Dana White and Eddie Alvarez watching Diaz vs. Miller.

Back on April 23rd, Alvarez appeared on The MMA HOUR and expressed his interest in the UFC and spoke about his current contract with Bellator which is set to expire soon.

“Yeah man, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in fighting for the UFC. You have to be crazy, that’s every fighters , that is the mecca of all fighting and we all sort of strive for, to get in there and get that belt. I’m still obligated to a contract and I’m going to fulfill my obligations for the contract. I don’t even know what I can say or anything. I’m going to fulfill my obligations, and then we will figure out and maybe take bids from other companies. I made an agreement with Bjorn four years ago and I want to fulfill that agreement.

I’m not trying to be a bad guy or anything, but like any employer, if you are with a company for four years, I think everybody that has been with Bellator so far, who have been there for four years have got a raise, you know? They have got their contracts renegotiated and got raises. I’m an employee of Bellator and I feel I have that right, after these four years they can asses my performance and what I have helped the company with and they can say if I deserve a raise or if I don’t, and at that point, maybe another company can step in and say what they are offering”

This would be a great addition to the UFC’s already strong lightweight roster. With Bellator’s former middleweight Hector Lombard making the jump to the UFC recently as well, one has to wonder what Bellator’s plan is to increase it’s star power.


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