Francis Carmont Is Looking To Be A Contender

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Not to long ago UFC fans had no idea who Francis ‘Limitless’ Carmont was. We heard UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre speak about the talents and potential of his Tristar teammate but until he fought in the promotion no one was sure how skilled he really was. Three fights into his UFC career we are realizing the potential St-Pierre spoke of.

Carmont will be taking on veteran Tom Lawlor at UFC 154 this Saturday in Montreal. He will be looking for his fourth straight UFC victory and to elevate himself into contention. A victory this weekend could very well set him up with a top 10 opponent in early 2013.

At this point he is not ready for someone the level of middleweight champion Anderson Silva but Carmont’s development is on track to be a top fighter in the middleweight division soon. His 6’3” frame gives him a size and reach advantage against most opponents. Carmont has shown the ability to finish fights in multiple ways making him a problem for any style of fighter he faces.

With victories by choke, kimura, armbar, ankle lock and 6 TKO finishes he is a threat in all aspects of the sport. In Carmont’s short UFC career he has complied a 74 percent strike accuracy rating and defended more than 90 percent of takedowns attempted against him.

Carmont is not a young fighter and that is the only thing that may be against him. Being 31 years old with 26 career fights his body has taken a pounding. If he wants to be a champion in the UFC he will need to capitalize on this opportunity and continue his winning streak.

The French born fighter has not lost a fight since the Spring of 2008. Carmont is on an eight fight win streak overall trying to make it nine on Saturday. As he lived and trained in France his career stumbled along, suffering from a lack of consistency after a 3-3 start to his career. Carmont then found Tristar gym in Montreal and everything changed.

He was able to learn all facets of the sport and his development began to grow exponentially. Being exposed to top level coaches and fellow UFC fighters they were able to tap the potential he had.

Francis Carmont has come a long way from a young man in France learning the sport of fencing while falling in love with martial arts as he watched Royce Grace videos. Montreal has been his home away from home where he can be comfortable with the French language and receive the high level training he sought.

Saturday’s fight in his adopted home is another big step in his career. A four fight win streak in the UFC can not be discounted. Dana White will next have to give him a real step up in competition. Carmont will be ready to continue his path to contention with his team behind him preparing him and further developing his immense talents.

Written by Mike McPhee
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