Keith Jardine Catches Man Who Stole His Mail In High-Speed Car Chase

Photo: Ted Gambordella/Dallas Examiner

Photo: Ted Gambordella/Dallas Examiner

Former ‘The Ultimate Fighter‘ cast member and UFC fighter Keith Jardine, recently apprehended an alleged thief who stole his mail. Jardine was sitting at his computer when he noticed a vehicle pull-up to his house and take all the mail out of his mailbox. Jardine quickly grabbed his keys to his Ford Bronco and engaged in a high-speed chase with the perpetrator.

Jardine eventually caught up with the man, got out of his vehicle and the man surrendered.

Here’s what Jardine had to say about the incident:

“I look out the window and I see a car pulling up. Some guy gets out, goes to my mailbox and grabs all my mail, throws it in his car and speeds off.

I drive up right next to him and I point at him and he speeds off. Then I speed past him and I slammed my Bronco right in front of him and I cut him off.

I reached back like I was going to hit him and right then he yielded to everything. I pulled him out of the car. The most cowardly thing you can do is steal from somebody,”

Keith Jardine began his MMA career in August of 2001. He’d compile a record of 9-1-1 before becoming a cast member on the second season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Jardine would go on to fight thirteen-times in the UFC, with notable wins over Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin.

His last three-fights took place in Strikeforce, a company that was bought and dissolved by the UFC. Although the UFC brought over many fighters from Strikeforce to the UFC, Jardine was not one of them.


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