Referee Josh Rosenthal Comments On Late Stoppage At UFC 148

UFC 148 main event referee Josh Rosenthal was on Sirius XM radio with Mike Straka commenting on the controversial late stoppage in the main event between Mark Munoz & Chris Weidman.

“I came home and watched it…if i was sitting here watching on the couch i would have been talking smack about myself.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt. In hindsight I let a few more punches in there that I should have.

You want to give these guys every chance…I did want to give them the best possible…I may have been slow on the trigger.

I haven’t talked to Munoz or anything but I’ll talk to him to see how he feels about it. Accountability is a huge part of sport.

I don’t like to see guys take unneccessary punishment. It’s a millisecond game.

These are the top athletes on the planet. We’ve seen some great comebacks in the sport. Like Craig and Napal last night for example.

I just walked into the hater’s ball. Some of it was pretty brutal but that’s part of the game.. fans feel entitlement to sport. The fans kept this sport moving. If everyone backed off when politics got bad we wouldn’t be where we are right now.”


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