Rumor – Edgar and Henderson’s Managers Get In A Scuffle Outside Of Post Fight Presser

During last nights UFC 150 post fight press conference, you can here a loud argument going on in the background which disracted everyone involved with the presser. It was revealed shortly after, by Ariel Helwani, via his Twitter account that the mangers of Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson got involved in a scuffle in regards to the highly controversial decision between their clients last night.

Malki Kawa, manager for champion Benson Henderson, replied to Ariel and rejected the claim, calling Helwani a ‘Dick Head Reporter’.

Ali Abdelaziz, Frankie Edgar’s manager, who was allegedly the man who punched Kawa, has yet to make any Tweets or comments regarding the situation.

We will provide updates on this situation if any more news of it comes out.

Watch this video at the 5:40 mark, you can see UFC president Dana White walk out of the presser to see what all the commotion was, which you can also clearly hear in the background.

If you listen closely, you can hear somebody yelling “Get off me, get off me” and then Dana White asks the parties involved to settle down.

*** UPDATE ***

A source close to the situation has revealed that Malki Kawa went to shake Frankie’s managers hand and say “good fight”. Frankie’s manager said he is “not in the mood to talk”. Malki told him “it’s not that serious” and walked away with his hands in pocket. Frankie’s manager then creeped up and sucker punched Kawa. Dana’s bodyguards then split everything up…supposedly the punch did no damage. Source - @BloodstainLane


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