Tim Sylvia Willing To Be A Cast Member On TUF If It Means Another Shot In The UFC

The former UFC heavyweight champion who has had his fair share of losses since leaving the worlds top MMA promotion, spoke on The Hammerfisting Podcast. Sylvia claims he would be a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter if it meant he had another shot in the UFC:

“Absolutely. I helped coach season two with Matt (Hughes) and Rich (Franklin) because it was half heavyweights and half 170 or 185-pounders. Matt being a 170-pounder and Rich being 185-pounds at that time and needing some help with the big boys, so, those are two of my best friends in the fighting industry.

I went out there and stayed with those guys and helped them with their heavyweights and made some pretty good friends with that heavyweight division as well. But yeah, I watch The Ultimate Fighter and I would definitely do it if I needed to.”


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