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‘No Love’ But A Huge Heart. The Story Of Cody Garbrandt And Maddux Maple


Cody, won five pro fights in a row and moved to Sacramento to train with Team Alpha Male. There, he had a chance encounter with UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby and he was able to land a contract.

On August 25 of 2014, an eight-year old Maddux took his last chemo pill. The boy had won his fight as his cancer went into full remission.

That’s why Garbrandt wasn’t going to lose at UFC 182 on Jan. 3. Maddux and his family were right there to watch Cody hold up his end of the bargain. The moment was special for both men.

“To see him so emotional, waving the flag, waving and crying, seeing that was better than any other feeling I had. I’ve never had a feeling like that. The win was awesome, but after seeing that, it just puts everything into perspective. Everything I’ve been working for. He’s had so many tears of pain for the last three years, and just to see those tears of joy, it really got me choked up.” Said Cody.

“It was the best day of my life,” Maddux says. “It was even better than Disney.”


“That kid made me live my life with a purpose and made me fight with a purpose,” he says, just days after the moment. “Just watching Maddux fight for his life for the last three-and-a-half years — and not only him, but his family, his mom and dad, they’re all very strong people as well. He inherited that. And he’s very optimistic at a young age. Maddux definitely gave me perspective; I am living and fighting with a purpose.

“I’m glad that he’s a part of my life, and he’s helping me out with my career.”

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