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Nurmagomedov Reveals An Alternative If He Doesn’t Get McGregor Bout


Khabib Nurmagomedov has been through Hell and back the past few years, but is finally healthy and dominating once again in the UFC Octagon. After Nurmagomedov’s win over Michael Johnson, he pleaded for a title shot and wants ‘Chicken‘ McGregor. If he does not get that bout, he may accept an alternative for now.

McGregor has switched weight classes, had rematches and has stalled divisions. It is hard for fighters from the lightweight and featherweight divisions to get title shots because of this. McGregor has even hinted at moving up to welterweight to face Woodley.

Eddie Alvarez was a dominant fighter before he faced McGregor and he got embarrassed. People do not understand how good McGregor is with his hands until they face him. He has quickness, precision and power that surprises his opponents every time he faces them.

Nurmagomedov is easily the best grappler in the division. He can ragdoll BJJ blackbelts and take down former college wrestlers with ease. His background as a Sambo champion is his base for absolutely overwhelming everyone that he faces.

Alternative for Conor bout.

On the next page, Nurmagomedov reveals what his plan is if he does not get a title shot against McGregor soon.

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