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Video: Khabib Nurmagomedov Vows To Finish McGregor’s Hype


UFC lightweight contender, Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov wants to fight Conor McGregor. He vows to finish McGregor’s hype forever if given the chance.

Nurmagomedov spoke to TMZ Sports this week and explained the fight is not about the money. Khabib is not after the ‘red panty night’ like most fighters because he has a lot of money.

“To be honest I don’t care about this guy, I care only about the belt. If somebody wants to fight for the money, I never think about money because I have a lot of money. I think the lightweight division has a lot of guys who are tougher than him. Guys who can beat him easily. I know most guys want to fight him for money, Pay Per Views and all that bulls**t, but I only want to fight him for the belt.”

“I want to take him down, speak with him, slap him, make him nervous … like, ‘Hey, get up! Let’s go! Where is your boxing?’ …slap him, play with him and make him give up. This is what I want.”

“But I don’t want to finish him 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round. I want to fight with him for 25 minutes like 5 rounds and I want to make him look very bad. And finish his hype.”

Nurmagomedov Ground & Pound

When asked about what happened backstage at UFC 205, Khabib explained the details.

“After the weigh-ins I met him and he watched me like he did to Tyron Woodley. So I asked him ‘what you watching?’ Because I’m not Alvarez or Woodley. If somebody watch me like crazy I can go crazy too. But a lot of security came in, I watched his eyes and he didn’t say anything. I’m ready to go any time, in Dagestan I had a lot of fights on the street when I was an amateur.”

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