VanZant does a booty dance.
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Paige VanZant Does An Amazing Booty Dance In Slow Motion


Paige VanZant is one of the biggest stars in the UFC and arguably the biggest star that has never been a champion. She was personally sponsored by Reebok before she was even a top-ten fighter. She is also known to do a great booty dance.

There were other fighters that made a commotion when this happened. Carla Esparza was the champion at the time and she wondered why she did not get sponsored first. Dana White commented on the matter and mentioned that VanZant just has the ‘It” factor.

Whether the “It” factor involves her amazing looks or her bubbly personality, VanZant is one of the most popular female UFC fighters out there. She was on Dancing With The Stars and is interviewed by big networks such as TMZ on a regular basis.

VanZant’s fighting style is also a huge factor of why she is a star. She won her last fight against Bec Rawlings by a flying kick followed by punches. It was one of the most spectacular finishes of the year.

On the next page, VanZant does a sexy dance to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” once she found out that she was officially sponsored boy Reebok. It was one of the first moments that led to VanZant being a superstar. Plus, she just looks fantastic while she dances.

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