We here at Vendetta Fighter enjoy bringing you fans the latest and most entertaining pieces of MMA news and on occasion, some thought-provoking feature articles. But we’re fight fans too and every once in a while we get the itch to express our true unfiltered opinions.

So we present the 2nd Edition of the VF Fight Forum. In this edition, we discuss the aftermath of UFC 200, the best fights through the whole week and plenty more:

1. Did UFC 200 live up to the hype? Where would you rank it in comparison to the other big PPV events like UFC 196 and UFC 194?

Jay Russell: the prelims were great. The main card was a bit of a letdown. On paper this card seemed to have everything it needed to be the greatest card entertainment-wise and pay-per-view sale-wise, but it just didn’t live up the hype. Maybe as a long-time fan of the sport, I was expecting more.

Chris White: the prelims delivered. With names like Jim Miller, Diego Sanchez, Joe Lauzon, and Gegard Mousasi, it was sure to get us ready for the main card. The main card was a bit of a letdown. The overall energy and excitement for UFC 200 just wasn’t there on the main card like it was for UFC 194 and 196. UFC 200 felt like ‘just ‘another pay-per-view’.

While Lesnar helped UFC 200, it really missed out on mega-stars like McGregor and the emotional investment UFC 194 and 196 brought with Aldo and Diaz, respectively.

Todd Parkinson: the names in UFC 200 were exciting to see. As I was in attendance, the undercards were fun to watch. The Cormier/Silva fight was the only big disappointment. It was actually pretty fun to watch the Lesnar-Hunt fight and hear Mark Hunt get slammed on his back. Of course, it did not even compare to the action and finish of UFC 196, but the presentation was fun to watch.

2. We saw two more upsets in championship fights with Eddie Alvarez and Amanda Nunes finishing RDA and Miesha Tate in one round, respectively. Are all these upsets becoming the norm for the UFC? How is this good or bad for the sport?

JR: the unpredictability in title fights as of late makes it more interesting for fans and for gamblers. Unless it’s somebody with mega-star power losing the belt, I don’t think it’s too bad for the sport.

CW: the unpredictability of these championship fights really adds excitement to the title fights. A lot of people were sure as hell Rafael dos Anjos would retain his title, but instead he was smoked inside the first round.

It can be good and bad for the sport. It can kill a star’s power like Ronda’s. She was the UFC’s cash-cow but lost and went into hiding. But it can also create new stars like Holly Holm who defeated Ronda for the title. I think all the title changes are becoming the norm for the UFC. The talent and skills of a champion and challenger are becoming closer and closer, making it more difficult to predict the winner.

TP: upsets are good for the sport, even if a dominant champion is finished in one round. It shows how competitive each division is. The problem with a dominant champion like Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva is that they made the rest of the division look weak. When the belt is continually crowned on a new champion, it feels like there is more life-blood in that division.

3. With Brock Lesnar’s dominant win over Mark Hunt, do you think it’s time for the UFC to book Lesnar vs Fedor? Will you want to see this or not?

JR: I would love to see Fedor vs Brock at UFC 205 in November. I don’t think WWE will have issue with Brock fighting in the UFC again since he won the Hunt fight without sustaining serious injury. I don’t think new ownership will be bothered by Dana White signing Fedor, if that should happen. So there’s really no reason this fight can’t take place.

I think fans are still interested in the Lesnar vs Fedor fight as well. It would be a suitable co-main event. You have to have a UFC title fight as a main event or you’re undervaluing your titles by having Brock headline above it.

CW: I don’t want to get too into this question, as I firmly believe it will never happen. The UFC can get Brock Lesnar back in the cage again, that I am sure of. However, for Fedor, that cannot come to a reality.

He teased yet another possible UFC signing just before his fight with Fabio Maldonado and that was quickly blown to dust. We never heard another word on Fedor signing with the UFC. In the honourable words of Nate Diaz, “I’m not surprised, mother f*ckers.”

TP: Lesnar vs Fedor is a bad idea. The difference between the two, other than their size, is the damage they have taken in their careers. Lesnar took a decent beating in his last three bouts before Hunt but had years to recover from them. Emelianenko had battles, training, sparring and a very long and brutal career.

With the size difference, Lesnar would be able to pick Fedor up like a father wrestling his kid. Fedor will not handle the wrestling or the strikes from Brock Lesnar. One thing good about this fight, however is that it would be a guaranteed seller.