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Pride Is Not Dead!

Mark Hunt is a mixed martial artist that made the transition from kickboxing to MMA in 2004. He started his career off impressively at 5-1 in Pride FC and then ended up losing 6 fights in a row and 5 of those defeats were by submission. Hunt fought in the UFC and it seemed like it was the end of his career at UFC 119 and was submitted by Sean McCorkle early. Hunt then he went against Chris Tuchscherer in his next fight and ‘BOOM!’ the old Mark Hunt was back with a walk-off knockout.

Since then, Hunt has only lost to top-5 competition in the UFC and is on another knockout streak again. Hunt knocked out Bigfoot Silva last November and he was able to land a walk-off knockout against Frank Mir earlier tonight. Many people believed that Frank Mir would easily take Hunt down with ease, but Hunt was able to prove the critics wrong again. MMA fans around the world were able to feel the ‘Pride Spirit’ tonight that Hunt once shined with in Japan years ago. Hunt’s performance tonight against Mir proved that Pride FC is not dead. UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and top contender Alistair Overeem are also Pride veterans, but were not remembered in Japan quite like Mark Hunt was. Hunt’s MMA Cinderella story and his iron will to never give up are factors that made tonight so special. It was also a big deal for Hunt to fight in Australia because he is a proud Samoan neighbor from the nation of New Zealand.

It would be one of the greatest stories ever told in MMA if Mark Hunt ever becomes the UFC heavyweight champion, but for now he will celebrate his victory over Mir in Australia and we will eventually see what is next for ‘The Super Samoan.’