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Video: Remembering When Forrest Griffin Acted Like A Monkey


Remembering Forrest Griffin is quite a treat for hardcore MMA fans. He came to the sport not really an expert at anything, but he had the will to win.

Griffin had the pure desire to fight and did not care what people thought of him. UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture remembers actually having to pull Griffin out of the gym because he was training so hard.

Griffin overcame a lot as a fighter and overcame the odds. He won the trilogy against Tito Ortiz, he beat Shogun Rua(who was ranked the #1 light-heavyweight in the world at the time) and he won the UFC gold from a prime Rampage Jackson.

It was also interesting to see Griffin evolve from when he was originally on The Ultimate Fighter. In the Finale, Griffin was possibly in the greatest fight of all time with Stephan Bonnar.

Griffin was the definition of a hard-nosed fighter that wouldn’t quit and he proved that during his career. He was not known to be that athletic, he didn’t have the greatest knockout power, but he had an iron will.
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