Joe Rogan Delivers Harsh Truth to Brendan Schaub

UFC commentator Joe Rogan had Bryan Callen and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub on his podcast last night. Being a good friend of Schaub’s — Rogan didn’t shy away from voicing his concern about Schaub’s recent loss and future of his fighting career.

Joe Rogan assessed the mistakes Brendan Schaub made in his UFC 181 fight against Travis Browne, discussed the seriousness of potential brain damage, and even went as far as telling his friend that he didn’t feel he could beat an elite fighter.

Twitter user Fight Ghost provided some live quotes of what Rogan was saying to Schaub:

“You are a smart dude. You know about concussions you have had…. The reality is, I don’t see you beating elite guys. You have no fluidity…. When I look at the performances, you are not an elite fighter. I know what I am seeing. You are not recognizing…. Are you comfortable getting knocked out three to four times in the next few years?… You are not fighting at that level. You are going to get fucking hit man. I worry. You leave more openings, you have vulnerabilities….

15 minutes with an elite fighter. You can’t do that. Your brain doesn’t get better from punches. Werdum, Cain — they are another level than you…. You telegraph too much. It is real obvious what you are going to do. You are predictable. Arlovski was a terrible fight…. Reality of brain damage is that it doesn’t heal…. The brain is a motherfu-ker. Shit doesn’t heal.”

Brendan Schaub lost to Travis Browne via TKO at UFC 181 this past weekend. Schaub is now 2-3 in his past five trips to the Octagon. It’s unlikely he will consider retiring from the sport after Rogan’s lecture, considering he revealed he wants to fight four more times. But if Schaub does indeed continue to fight in the UFC, will he change up his style? Only time will tell.

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