Ronda Rousey Publishing Her Memoir


Ronda Rousey – pound for pound top WMMA athlete in the world is diversifying further still.

As if she didn’t have enough going on, the UFC Champion just got busier. In addition to MMA, Acting, and Modeling, we now know Ronda is getting into the publishing business with her memoir to be released in May 2015.

ROnda-Rousey-memoir-2It was announced Tuesday December 9th by the Associated Press that Regan Arts Publishing had aquird the rights to the book. Titled “My Fight/Your Fight” the Ronda Rousey Memoir will be co-authored by Rousey and her sister, sports journalist, Maria Burns Ortiz.

“Everyone has their own fight,” Ronda

Ronda will have plenty to write about. Her feats include a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece, a perfect WMMA win record in both Strikeforce and the UFC. She has starred in full feature movies, modelled around the world, and been the spokesperson for major brands.

The “Ronda Rousey Brand” is very successful and expanding globally.

Ronda is slated to star in the upcoming films Furious 7 and Entourage, then with scheduled fight, modelling gigs & sponsorship obligations and now the book – 2015 could be Rousey’s busiest to date.

“Hopefully readers can learn the same lessons I did- without having to take as many punches in the face.”

In a press release obtained by MMAFighting (the blog), on the Ronda Rousey Memoir she mentions “Everyone has their own fight!” She goes on to say “Through my journey to become the greatest fighter in the cage, I learned the concepts to conquer every battle outside of it. Hopefully readers can learn the same lessons I did- without having to take as many punches in the face.”

If the book is anything like the day to day Ronda we’ve come to admire and respect – we can look forward to an in your face, brutally honest tale of war stories, love stories and everything in between. Ronda isn’t known for holding back when asked what she thinks and we can only hope this raw energy comes through on the written page. Rousey is unapologetic at the worst of times – we wouldn’t expect anything less form the world’s Greatest Of All Time WMMA Champion.

The Ronda Rousey Memoir – My Fight/Your Fight, coming to bookstores in May 2015

What can I say, just like you, I’m a fan!

Ronda’s next fight is UFC 184 February 28th, at Staples Centre in Los Angeles where she’ll face Cat Zingano. Ronda will be defending her Women’s Bantamweight Championship for her fifth consecutive title defence.


Check out this video of ROUSEY during sparring practice. #BADASS

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