Ronda-Rousey-on-PEDs-1Ronda Rousey on PEDs and Silva, “I was heartbroken”

UFC’s womens bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has long been very outspoken as a critic against Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) use. Ronda has also been a longtime fan of 10 time Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. Ronda said she was hit hard upon hearing the news that Silva had tested positive for two anabolic steroids.

When news emerged of Anderson Silva’s failed pre-fight drug test for his UFC 183, ROusey was left in disbelief that one of her idols had tested positive for PEDs.

“I was heartbroken to hear that, I wanted to cry.” Ronda 

Speaking candidly with Yahoo Sports, about her views on performance enhancing drugs, Rousey revealed that as far as she is concerned, taking banned substances is tantamount to entering the Octagon with a weapon and she feels it could lead to the sport being irreparably damaged.

“People need to realize that is a weapon and they’re bringing a weapon into the cage and they’re making our sport unsafe. The day that a person dies in that Octagon and the person who killed them tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, we’re going to have our first homicide case. It’s going to destroy the whole sport.”

Ronda on Cyborg, “I’ve been ready to fight her at any point!”

Rousey has long been vocal about the detrimental effects of PEDs. According to her this is one of the major reasons a Cyborg-Rousey super fight has never happened. Invicta Champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino tested positive for steroids in 2012.

“I’ve been ready to fight her at any point. She’s the one who left the UFC. She’s the one who hasn’t come to fight me. Because she’s a cheater and a fraud, the last thing I’m going to do is make exceptions for her. I’m not going to move up and make things easier for her, because she’s been making things easier for herself her whole life. She needs to learn a lesson that you can’t do that [expletive] any more. And I’m here to teach everybody else that that is not acceptable. Cheating and bringing a weapon and trying to hurt someone with that weapon is not a way to get a consideration made for you.”

More bad news

Today Feb 10 2015, yet more bad news for the sport when we learned Hector Lombard had tested positive for steroids following his win over Josh Burkman at UFC 182.

There has been a huge outcry with fans, media and fighters alike.

None reacted well to the astonishing number of failed tests in such a relatively short period of time. And fighters like Ronda fear PED use will escalate to the point of causing a death inside the Octagon.

Ronda Rousey will defend her bantamweight title against top contender Cat Zingano at UFC 184 later this month.

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