Cruz left a message for Garbrand't gf.
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Video: Cruz Shares Footage Of Garbrandt Getting Knocked Out


Dominick Cruz is a long-time hater of Team Alpha Male. His legendary trilogy with Urijah Faber is the foundation for his beef with that team. Cruz often shares his opinions about Team Alpha Male fighters and does not hold back.

Just recently, Cruz used Instagram to share a post about his upcoming opponent Cody Garbrandt. Garbrandt is undefeated in his professional career. Garbrandt was defeated twice during his amateur career. Jerrell Hodge was the name of the fighter that knocked Garbrandt out cold.

Garbrandt is known in the UFC for his heavy hands and iron chin, but according to Cruz, an iron chin was not always the case with Garbrandt. Cruz is very much game about using mental warfare before fights because he Cruz did the same against Faber as well.

Garbrandt hasn’t talked as much as Cruz because he is just getting ready for the most important fight of his career. Cruz is famous for making his opponents uncomfortable and because of that, Garbrandt wants to be as prepared as possible for this bout.

On the next page, the video is shown that Cruz put on Instagram is possible that Cruz is trying to give Garbrandt a mental image of the future. It will be interesting to see what Garbrandt’s reaction of this will be.

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