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I Said Stay Down Bitch


Gas station brawl. Took a few minutes for this one to get on and popping but its funny as hell. Is that a slap and fake punch from the Red neck? Black dude was ready to go too. You know when your pumped, you walk around all stiff and shit. He knew he was about to beat this red necks ass. I don’t even know what started this one….

Although the red neck is a bigger guy, he is the one that gets his ass handed to him. Oh no….. watch out for that shirt. That mother fucker had to hurt. It was such a distraction that the black man was able to just start beating his ass. Relentless. I don’t blame him. In any fight, its you or them. Someone will loose and someone will win.

If you have fallen more than once you should just stay the fuck down. Play like you’re ass is dead. Maybe he will feel bad and leave you alone. Ol’ boy red neck takes a walk of shame while the black dudes family just got done watching a show. Walking up smiling smoking a cigarette like nothing just happened.

Enjoy the video.