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Top 5 Fighters That Rizin Should Pick Up


Rizin is one of the fastest growing MMA promotions as of late. Not only is it an MMA circuit, but they do grappling, kickboxing and WWE style fights as well. They have been criticized for having mismatched fights and also just odd styles of fighting.

The recent heavyweight grand prix was quite popular as MMA legend Mirko Cro Cop was able to take the championship. It seems that there used to be more starpower in the heavyweight division with stars such as Cro Cop, Fedor, Nogueira and Brock Lesnar. Rizin’s goal is to give the fans the types of fights that fans want to see. Unfortunately in cases such as Gabi Garcia, Rizin is sometimes referred to as a ‘Freakshow’.

Below and on the next few pages are the top 5 fighters that Rizin could pick up that would bring the organization to a new level.

5. Tim Sylvia


Former UFC heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia could make a lot of noise in the Rizin heavyweight division. These days, Sylvia could even fight at super-heavyweight. Sylvia has not fought since 2013, but has been able to give his body some rest and let some lingering injuries heal. Now is the time for him to make a comeback.

Even though Sylvia was not the most popular fighter to ever come out of the UFC, he is a very recognizable name that people would want to see fight. It could be a great opportunity for him to make one final comeback before he calls it quits.

A lot of people would like to see Sylvia fight again just to see him get beat up. He was one of the first people to shit his pants in the UFC Octagon and he made Randy Couture even more popular when Couture man-handled him for 5 rounds to get the UFC heavyweight championship back.

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