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Top 5 Fighters That Rizin Should Pick Up


4. Ricardo Arona


Ricardo Arona was one of the greatest BJJ specialists of his time. He was one of the top LHW’s of Pride and had big wins over Kazushi Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva. Unfortunately, what he is mainly known for is getting slammed unconscious by Rampage Jackson when he tried to put Rampage in a triangle choke.

A lot of the hardcore fans would appreciate a veteran like Arona coming back to fight. He could even hang with the heavyweights and could beat quite a few of them with his submission game alone. He about signed with the UFC after they merged with Pride, but Arona had other things on his mind. A dangerous factor for him however is the fact that he has not competed since 2009. One could say that he might enter the ring a bit rusty.