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Top 5 Fighters That Rizin Should Pick Up


3. Rampage Jackson


Rampage is one of the most popular fighters of all time. He is a legend of Pride, a former UFC champion and he now fights for Bellator. Rampage is getting up there in age, but could go on testosterone replacement therapy again to help him compete with some of the younger guys.

Rampage had some of the heaviest hands in the light-heavyweight division for years and has some of the greatest slams ever in MMA. His competitive drive always seems to be there and he could compete as a heavyweight in Rizin. A downfall for him in quite a bit of his fights was the fact that he had to cut so much weight at light-heavyweight. The weight factor will not be a problem in Rizin because they really do not seem to mind what the fighter weighs in at. Wanderlei Silva may return to Rizin, but there are also other fights that Rampage could pick up there.