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Top 5 Fighters That Rizin Should Pick Up


1. Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey has had a rough time as of late in the UFC. It would be smart to pick Rousey up for a ‘fun fight’ in Rizin and have her do something like a grappling match with Gabi Garcia or a fun WWE rules sexy fight with Rin Nakai.

Rousey of course will most likely need some time and would have to be released by the UFC in order for this to happen. If the UFC released Rousey however, Rizin would have to put their interest for her and be willing to pay the big bucks. There is not a lot of bantamweight MMA competition for her. In Rizin there would be quite of novelty fights and grappling matches that would make quite a bit of sense for her to compete in. The MMA world loves her and it is certain that the Japanese promotion would love to have her on their roster.