UFC 182 Jones vs Cormier – BEST Pay Per View in a Year

As avid MMA fans, we waited a long time for the Jones vs Cormier Fight, and as we did the anticipation and drama had time to build. We knew the buildup for UFC 182 would amount to healthy PPV numbers – something the UFC has suffered in theses past 18 months.

The UFC announced today UFC 182 was the company’s most successful event since UFC 168 with estimates in between 740,000 and 820,000 pay-per-view buys.

This number could have drew even larger numbers had they not gone head to head with the NFL. On that evening, the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL playoff game was on which drew over 28 million viewers. it is widely known both the NFL and UFC share the same adult male demographic. Another key here is on a big fight night such as Jones vs Cormier – when the UFC will draw from outside it’s core fanbase, they’ll usually draw from the sports fan audience, so going against the NFL playoffs impacts a larger show by far.

During the post fight press fight conference Dana was quoted as saying “We blew it out of the water” referring to an earlier comment made by the UFC President when predicting 750,000 buys immediately before the show. Needless to say, after the event, Dana White looked very happy indeed.

Jon Jones’ prior Pay Per View record was estimated at 700,000 PPV buys for his April 21, 2012, title defense against former training partner Rashad Evans.

This fight buildup between the main event contenders featured some of the most engaged and bitter dialogue in recent memory. This includes, of course, the brawl in the MGM Grand Arena during a press event.

Jones who is largely considered today the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world had his hands full. Daniel Cormier was the one contender many thought had the skills to de-throne Jones – with the Champion who had never tasted a true defeat, and Cormier had never lost a round in his 15 fight MMA record.

The last UFC Event to beat these numbers was UFC 168 which took place on Dec. 28, 2013, with two heavily anticipated championship fights, with Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate.

Here is a video of the brawl mentioned above.