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UFC City Pack: Reebok Presents New Fight Kits For UFC 205


Reebok and UFC announced the launch of the UFC City Pack. Another effort to make the first visit of the UFC to the Big Apple something historical. Consequently, this will be the first time the UFC presents exclusive clothes and gear for a single event.

The brand is releasing New York-inspired fight kits and products just for UFC 205. Therefore fighters will have unique weigh-in and walkout gear, including headwear, t-shirts, hoodies and shorts. The “UFC City Pack: New York” will be exclusive to the athletes on the Madison Square Garden card.

UFC City Pack - Assorted

About the UFC City Pack

“We’re excited to reveal our UFC City Pack: New York leading up to our historic event next Saturday at Madison Square Garden. This New York inspired and limited edition product line represents the strength of the city and its rich fighting history. At the same time paying homage to the historical significance of hosting our first event at The World’s Most Famous Arena.” – Tracey Bleczinski, UFC senior vice president of global consumer products.

“New York City holds an unmatched fighting heritage derived through a legendary boxing culture and history. So UFC 205 will no doubt tap into that passion and excitement. The NYC-inspired UFC Fight Kit embodies the famous fight culture of the city. The iconography was raw and gritty. Thus evoking a mood that mirrors the community around New York City. A city enamored with combat sports. The leather jacket and partnership with Schott N.Y.C was an exciting build to the pack. It gives a fusion of grit and style that NYC is synonymous for.” – Marc Leonardo, Reebok Combat Design Director.

So with 3 championship belts on the line, UFC 205 should be the biggest card in UFC history. UFC president Dana White said a few days ago that UFC 205 has already broken the Madison Square Garden gate record.