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UFC! If Fedor Wants Werdum, Make Him Go Through Mark Hunt First

Fedor Emelianenko has recently shared with Epic MMA about how he would like to fight Fabricio Werdum in a rematch, but a smart idea for the UFC is to have Fedor face Mark Hunt first. Back in 2006, Fedor was able to submit Hunt in the first round(that is at the 8:16 mark for the Pride FC organization). Fedor won by weathering the storm of deadly stand-up and takedowns from Hunt and was able to take Hunt down to end up locking in the Kimura with relative ease once he was on top of him. As of late, Hunt has really worked on his ground game and has used his ability to sprawl-and-brawl to leave his opponents on the ground unconscious.

If this were a PPV event, the numbers would be insane. The hardcore fans of early Pride would be on board and so many people have awaited the UFC debut of Fedor. Another thing that makes this fight interesting is how improved Hunt is. When Hunt fought Fedor, that was the 2nd fight of a 6-fight losing skid. Since then, Hunt has had 7 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw against top UFC competition. Fedor is on a 4-fight winning streak, but hasn’t really been challenged since he lost to Dan Henderson in Strikeforce. It is very possible that the oddsmakers would actually put Hunt as the favorite, but you never know.

Even though the rumors of Fedor joining the UFC have been going around for years, the time is now for the UFC to make this happen once and for all. Dana White always says that he makes fights that the fans want to see, but that is not the truth in all cases. Fedor vs Hunt is an instant stadium-filler and a rematch of a legendary fight that took place 10 years ago in Pride. It would be a dream match for so many MMA fans out there, but there always seems to be a problem with Fedor when it comes to negotiations with the UFC.