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UFC Fighter Felice Herrig Gives Herself A Wedgie For Comedy


UFC Strawweight Felice Herrig is a big fan of The Simpsons and she just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do her best Bart Simpson. Even if it meant giving herself a wedgie in the process, all for the sake of comedy (and a little bit of atenttion).

Felice ‘Lil Bulldog’ Herrig is know for her great sense of humor and taking things lightly. She is always looking to have fun and is not afraid to make an ass out of herself for a good laugh, if you catch my drift.

Training can be hard on the body but also mentally strenuous, that’s why it’s important to have fun in the gym. Felice knows exactly how to do just that. Plus, she has a great behind and takes every chance she gets to show it off.

Remember the time she just pulled up her skirt for the sake of street magic? In case you missed that we have the best parts right here for you. Enjoy the magic! If you actually want to watch the magic trick, click here.

Herrig Wedgie - Magic

This Illinois girl is just out to have a good time in life and there’s nothing you can do about it. If anything, we should all thank her for being such fun for the world of MMA to see.

With a professional record of 11-6 there’s no doubt this 5’4″ Muay Thai/Kickboxer takes fighting seriously. As you could see in her latest performance in the cage. When she brilliantly defeated Kailin Curran via rear naked choke in the first round of their bout. But life is more than just working hard…

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