There are a lot of gays in MMA – Anderson Silva


UFC’s veteran fighter Anderson Silva engaged in an interview recently where he revealed there were Gays in MMA, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

“I would train with a gay man, as long as he would respect me”

This conversation was spurred by comments Anderson made when revealing he was bullied as a youth because he was taking ballet classes. His peers would tease and bully Anderson on being gay.


Here is an excerpt of the interview between’s Fightland and UFC’s Anderson the Spider Silva:

Fightland: When asking about prejudice towards homosexuals in mixed martial arts:

: I don’t think there’s prejudice, but there’s a lot of homosexuals in mixed martial arts. There are a lot of them who haven’t yet come out. 

[If they were to come out,] nowadays it’s so silly to not express your feelings. As long as you respect people’s spaces, and respect their limits. You have to live your life in peace and no one has anything to do with that. 

I would train with a gay man. As long as he respected me, it’s all right. I don’t think much of it. The fact that guy is gay doesn’t mean he’s going to accost you. He can be gay, have a relationship, live among guys who aren’t gay. he can do whatever he wants with his private life.

Fightland: When asking about vanity and getting picked on in the gym:

Silva: They tease me. Sometimes people think I’m gay. A lot of people have asked me if I’m gay. I answer, “Look, not to my knowledge. But I’m still young, it could be that in the future I’ll find out that I’m gay.”  I take good care of my things, I put everything in a bag, I use soap, I put on a cream after training. People think it’s capricious. To each his own. Doesn’t mean you’re more man or less man, more gay or less gay.


Anderson Returns to the Octagon

Anderson Silva is just coming off a one year layoff due to a debilitating injury. After a long hard year of rehab and recovery, theSpider is ready and will be returning to the ring to face Nick Diaz at UFC 183 January 31 in Las Vegas Nevada.


Silva for Ambassador

How do you not love this guy? At 39, and still a contender for all time Pound-for-Pound MMA Legend, Silva doesn’t comment further in the interview on being gay or Gays in MMA, but as he is a true ambassador for the sport, it appears from these comments he is equally noble with respect to human rights, equality, fair play, and justice for all.

One thing for certain, Anderson Silva is comfortable in his own skin and there are no self-esteem issues here.

Read the full interview on FightLand here.

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