Not Just a Rumor Anymore.

By this time tomorrow the UFC will be on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit from their employees – UFC fighters – alleging to abusive business practices. We won’t speculate much beyond this.

Obviously, rumors are flying .. and while we’ve known about this since last night we could not confirm the validity of the story until about an hour ago.

UFC Brass & Reebok Announce Major Deal

I find it interesting this comes one week after the UFC biggest “non-fighting” business deal announced with REEBOK


At Vendetta Fighter we’re not fans of rumors and we’re very careful around them. They can affect fighters, their pocketbooks, promoters and the sport we love – usually in a negative fashion. However, at this point a press release has been issued and this story has gained sufficient momentum to announce the following;

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 16th, there is a scheduled press conference that will announce a MAJOR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the UFC, according to a press release and multiple sources close to the suit.

Conference to be hosted by “professional MMA fighters represented by attorneys.

What is not confirmed yet is who is announcing the suit. They ask for their names to be kept confidential until the announcement. According to sources, the press conference will take place in San Jose, California at Hyatt Place at 4pm ET (or 1pm local) and will feature “professional MMA fighters represented by attorneys.” The source goes on to state that “a list of plaintiffs names and details on the lawsuit will be revealed at the press conference”.

No further information is given on the lawsuit, but there is speculation that the suithas something to do with Zuffa (the UFC’s parent company) violating antitrust laws by using its near monopoly status to cripple the free market.

No comments have been released by the UFC that we could find at the time of releasing this article.

I find it interesting this comes one week after the UFC biggest “non-fighting” business deal announced with REEBOK – read that story here. Coincidence? We’ll find out tomorrow.

The most notable antitrust allegations against Zuffa via their interests in MMA, came from the Federal Trade Commission, which investigated the fight promotion in 2011-’12 where no action was taken but the action held open for future consideration.

We’ll keep you posted!

We’ll keep you posted on developments with the press conference – look for an update right here immediately following the press conference tomorrow at the very latest.



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