UFC Fighters VS Zuffa

Class Action Part 1 – The Announcement

Today’s Class Action Lawsuit press conference began at 4pm ET. Unfortunately there is no live stream, so we will be adding information here as it develops.

“The Doors Are Open!” Lawyers telling other fighters about joining the suit.

Play By Play

  • Jon Fitch, Cung Le and Nate Quarry are the first three UFC fighters named in the lawsuit.
  • Cung Le and Nate Quarry are participating in press conference via telephone.
  • The lawsuit was formally filed at 12:45pm PT, this is a class action and anti-trust lawsuit.
  • Carlos Newton had a role in putting together the suit but is not named as a plaintiff.
  • Lawsuit claims profit margins are the highest (or amongst the highest) in all professional sports.

Lawsuit claims profit margins are highest in all pro sports.

  • The suit alleges Zuffa purchased StrikeForce with the intent of eliminating competition.
  • The suit states the UFC’s practice in owning the Fighter’s Perpetual Likeness is unfair.
  • Nate Quarry states that many current fighters reached out for support but chose to remain anonymous.
  • The main basis for this class action lawsuit is Fundamental Fairness.
  • The ultimate (no pun intended) goal for the lawsuit is Free and Fair Competition.

Lawsuit claims UFC owning Fighter’s Perpetual Likeness s unfair.

  • Lawyers point out how NFL and MLB have players associations and the UFC does not.
  • Having a Players Union or Players Association established is not the goal of the lawsuit.
  • Lawyers will use Economists to determine financial damages caused by the UFC.
  • Lawyers mention “the doors are open” while making reference to other fighters joining the lawsuit.

Establishing a Players Union is NOT the goal of the lawsuit.

  • The lawsuit was filed in San Jose, California.
  • Cung Le says he is getting involved to help all fighters – past, present, and future.
  • Lawyers are very confident they can back up every allegation made in the lawsuit.
  • Cung Le mentions he is still under contract with the UFC.

Bellator or Viacom have no involvement in the lawsuit.

  • Lawyers are not claiming the UFC is a monopoly.
  • Lawyers stated Bellator or Viacom have no involvement in the lawsuit whatsoever.
  • Carlos Newton follows up with “The UFC is the fastest growing monopoly in the world”.
  • Plaintiffs are demanding a jury trial (re. Rule 38(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure).


Fuel for the Fire?

IF admissible, I’m not sure tweets & images like this will help Zuffa’s case! Dana is known to be direct & speak his mind. I’m certain the other team are having a field day with Dana’s content.










You can read more of Dana’s outrageous tweets in our feature article: Dana White Uncensored.


The UFC Responds

The UFC has issued the following statement; “The UFC is aware of the action filed today but has not been served, nor has it had the opportunity to review the document. The UFC will vigorously defend itself and its business practices.”

Read about Zuffa LLC – the history, current status and more right here. You can read about the UFC here.

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