Jon “bones” Jones, the UFC light-heavyweight champion finally responds to the big story of this past week, his drug-test failure on Dec 4th, when the NAC mistakenly tested his blood for traces of Cocaine.

Jones who earned $500,000 for his appearance at UFC 182, as well as an extra $50,000 in bonus money, was recently fined $25,000 by the UFC for a breach in their Athlete’s Code Of Conduct.

Jon Jones Quotes:

“It’s really an embarrassing situation.”

“I had to explain to so many people I’m not a cocaine addict by any means. Not even a frequent user.”

“I just made a really dumb decision and really got caught with my pants down with this whole situation.”

Jon Jones sat down with Charissa Thompson to discuss his failed drug test and more. Catch the full exclusive interview this Monday on FOX Sports Live.

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