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Details Inside: UFC May Dismiss Golberg And Rogan For New TV Deal


Long-time UFC announcers Joe Rogan an Mike Goldberg may not be UFC announcers anymore if the UFC is to dismiss them for a new television deal. The UFC’s current deal with FOX television expires in 2018 and Joe Rogan Has already reduced his schedule quite a bit for 2017.

There has been no word about Brian Stann or Kenny Florian. It is certain that they will take an opening with the dismissal of Goldberg and Rogan. Rogan has been famous for years for hyping up UFC cards and getting fans excited about events. Rogan is passionate about MMA and is very much a fan himself. It is certain that a lot of fans will miss Rogan and Goldberg if they are dismissed.

Since WME-IMG purchased the UFC, there have been quite a few big changes and this is one of them. The new television station has not been revealed yet. The UFC seems to be in the works already according to Dave Meltzer.

WME-IMG plans to provide new opportunities for UFC fighters and this could be the first big step. It is not certain why Goldberg and Rogan would have to leave, but for some reason that seems to be the case.

UFC may dismiss them.

On the next page, a possible new UFC commentator will be revealed. The person is a very famous face to the UFC and with today’s evolving society, it makes quite a bit of sense.

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