Rory-Macdonald---tall1UFC to Rory

 “No Title Shot for You!”

… wait .. WHAT?

The UFC confirmed a few minutes ago that Rory will not get the next Welterweight Title Shot.

Rory Macdonald, arguably the next contender for the Welterweight Title was just denied the opportunity after his boss, Dana White, told him (and the world) that indeed he was next in line.

This news came quick after his decisive win over Saffiedine at UFC Fight Night in Halifax last month.

“I don’t make the fights, that’s not my job” is something we’ve all heard Dana say time and again. But surely the president of the UFC carries a lot of influence.

Personally, I’m stunned .. and a little stumped. I’m hoping for a good reason for all this to make sense.


Lawler v Hendricks Trilogy?

Is the Lawler v Hendricks trilogy in the works? This is the only fight that would make sense to pass up Rory. Although this certainly wouldn’t be the fan-favorite choice after Hendricks’ strategy to outscore his opponent. Hmm, where have we seen that before?

And how is Rory taking it? Like any Champ would .. Cool as a cucumber, but I feel badly for his next opponent.

Rory “It’s all good, I’m just gonna light up whoever is next!”

I guess we’ll have to wait for news on why the shakeup.

Here are the tweets confirming the news:


Look for updates here on VF

We’re on this one minute by minute .. although Rory is our local fan favourite .. he deserves that shot. BUT THEN we’ve seen fighters far less deserving talk their way into title fights – this fact we cannot deny. Perhaps Rory needs to raise his game in the outside-the-ring-dog-and-pony show to get to the next level?




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