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Video: Alexandra Albu Makes Carla Esparza’s Twerk Look Amateur


Back in 2013, the UFC signed Moscow-based bantamweight Alexandra ‘Stitch’ Albu. Alexandra has competitive experience in karate, Judo, and bodybuilding. Albu has a black belt in traditional karate.

She became a Russian national champion, and bronze medalist at the European championship, through the  IJKA (International Japan Karate-Do Association. Albu has also won a variety of Judo and grappling events.

Albu’s remarkable strength and conditioning comes through bodybuilding and powerlifting. She was a first prize trophy winner in the Moscow Open Championships, which led to a career in modeling.

She naturally moved from combat and strength sports to mixed martial arts, winning her first four events in Thailand, and one in Russia. There were charges that Albu was signed just for her looks, but those were dispelled when she won her UFC debut vs. Izabela Badurek at UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2 on April 11, 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

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After dominating in the first round, Albu entered round 2 with the same intensity. After Budrek went for a double-leg takedown, Albu sunk in a Guillotine choke. Bardurek tapped and Albu got her debut victory at 3:34 in round 2.

When asked about her UFC debut she was excited and said:

“It’s the highest achievement in my career. I have been working towards it for the past 14 years not realizing it.”

She has not returned to the Octagon since, but it’s still under contract with the UFC. She had surgery after the fight then focused on her university studies but never stopped training.

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