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Video: Conor McGregor Gets Schooled Boxing

Leaked: Conor McGregor sparring, possibly in preparation for a potential Mayweather bout.  His sparring partner is Chris Van Heerden, who holds multiple boxing titles, including the IBF, ABU, and IBO World Championship belts.

Takeaways from the light sparring session:

  • Conor does not cut the ring off particularly well
  • Jab is more to gauge distance rather than being used as a complete effective tool
  • Head movement leaves much to be desired for a fighter who keeps his (or her) hands    as low as Conor.
  • Feet are more of the time out of position than they are in position.

The things I mentioned are all things to be worked on when, as in this case, punches are not flying at you at full velocity.  Conor will still have a problem in a mma bout with longer, rangier fighters and in a boxing bout with ANY boxer that has mastered the basics, has decent head movement, and displays ring generalship.