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Video: Former World Champion Boxer Gets Into A Gym Brawl


Former world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (25-1, 17 KOs) got into a brawl in a gym in Miami, Florida. According to people present at the gym, a heated argument broke out between Gamboa and an unknown individual, and things got physical in seconds.

Witnesses say the other individual threw a punch at the boxer and that sparked the fight. People eventually jumped in to break up the fight, and while Gamboa was being restrained he landed a combination that appeared to put the unknown individual out.

Gamboa’s last fight was back in December 2015 when he defeated Hylon Williams. He was scheduled to fight South African Malcom Klassen (33-6-2, 17 KO’s) on December 17 as part of the undercard to a big event in Réunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, but the fight fell apart on the morning of the bout.

According to multiple reports by the local media, police raided Klassen’s hotel room and found the fighter, his trainer, and a nurse in possession of illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs. The boxer and his trainer were arrested and taken into custody to face charges. Their team has denied the allegations of having PEDs.