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Video: Jon Jones: “I Tested Positive Because I Have a Huge C**k”


Jon Jones has made quite a few mistakes in his life. Some would say that it’s because of those mistakes that he is not known as the greatest of all time in the world of MMA.

This week, Jones was on The Joe Rogan Experience and talked about what happened ahead of UFC 200. Jones maintains that he has never used steroids and that he’s not a cheater. Here’s the transcript of part of the interview:

Joe: “You tested positive for some estrogen blockers that a lot of people associate with people who take steroids. These are standard drugs in the steroid-user world.”

To which Jones replied immediatly: “That was all new for me. I took and off-brand Cialis pill. It wasn’t actually Cialis but it was described to me as being a Cialis. So I thought it was a Cialis and I just took it.”

Jon Jones Silva

Joe: “Why does a guy like you need Cialis?”

Jones: “Because I have a huge c**k, Joe. It’s too big. I’ve taken male enhancers before. It puts the twist and the punch. It’s a good time, you know”

“I have a teammate whose girlfriend is a pharmacist and he was talking about how she can get all this stuff.”

Joe then intervened to ask about the origin of the drugs and went on to say that most people are getting them from China. Where the quality standards aren’t as high and sometimes supplements and other substances are contaminated. Jon Jones then continued explaining what happened last summer.

“So I ended up taking one of the Cialis pills. I thought everything was fine and dandy. I had no clue that I was now having something else in me that was illegal. So I took the pill on June the 14th, June 16 USADA came over to my house at 6 in the morning. I had no idea that was going to be the test that derailed my life.”

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