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Michael Venom Page

Video: Michael Page Takes Another Stab At Ronda Rousey And Coach Edmond


Michael ‘Venom’ Page was not impressed by Ronda Rousey’s performance December 30th at UFC 207. He posted a video of the famous “Ronda Rousey Dance” and despite getting a reaction from an angry Travis Browne, MVP decided to mock Rousey a little more on social media by posting another video.

This time, the aim of Michaels joke was not only Ronda Rousey, but also her striking coach, the beloved Edmond Tarverdyan, who is considered by many, the biggest reason behind Rousey’s downfall. Tarverdyan has been seriously questioned by the MMA community, with most pointing the finger at him for making Rousey believe she is a striker when she is clearly very far from that.

Even Ronda’s opponent Amanda Nunes has stated that she believes Edmond is to blame for making Rousey believe she is something she is not. Edmond has transformed a deadly submission artist into a mediocre striker who has been knocked out in her last two fights. One more humilliating than the previous one. First she lost the belt to the hands of Holly Holm via second round TKO, last Friday she was denied the belt when Amanda Nunes destroyed her in 48 seconds.

In the video, Michael Page uses the sounds from Ronda’s corner, as we can hear Tarverdyan calling for head movement. The sequence was when Tarverdyan was giving instructions to Rousey before Nunes finished her.

Here is the video posted to Michael Page’s Instagram:

When you get coached by your…………. “FRIENDS”?? Great advice ? #headmovement #pivot #shutupshutupshutup @amanda_leoa

Un vídeo publicado por Michael Page (@michaelvenompage) el

Page has been just one of many people attacking Ronda Rousey on social media. Although it is true that her personality was never easy, some people seem to be enjoying a little too much watching her fail and taking the opportunity to make fun of her.

Michael Page is trying to make his name bigger so the UFC eventually offers him a contract.