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Video: MVP Does Rousey Dance And Travis Browne Tweets His Reaction


Michael ‘Venom’ Page just recently let out a video of him mocking Ronda Rousey’s striking because of her devastating loss to Amanda Nunes just last Saturday. Page has been known for being quite harsh and unclassy at times. He even did the ‘Pokemon Go’ throw after he literally caved in Evangelista Santos’ head.

Of course a lot of the time a fighter such as Jon Jones or Conor McGregor will do something negative, but receive attention for it that somehow increases their marketability. With MVP doing this, it is not certain that his marketability will increase for making fun of one of the biggest stars that the MMA world has ever witnessed.

Image via: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Page is one of the biggest names in Bellator and a lot of people wonder how he would do against top competition such as Douglas Lima or Rory MacDonald. Many fans are claiming that Bellator has spoon-fed page and that he has not faced any legitimate competition yet. Because of Page’s fighting style, a lot of people compare him to a prime Anderson Silva. Of course Page will have to get some high-quality wins under his belt before he can be compared to a fighter like Silva.

Ronda Rousey is still very much in love with her boyfriend Travis Browne and Browne wasn’t exactly ecstatic when he heard about MVP mocking his girlfriend. Browne recently posted on Twitter his reaction to Page making this video. It is understandable that Browne is very upset by this and many could consider Page very cowardly for making a video like this.

Conor McGregor has made a big name for himself by making fun of other fighters, but the difference is that McGregor does it boldly to people’s faces and a lot of the times will leave his opponent speechless.


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