Image via: UFC/Zuffa LLC

Yekaterinburg, Russia – RCC Boxing Promotions

After being cut from the UFC last month, longtime heavyweight contender Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva made his return to the sport. Only this time it was across seas for RCC Boxing Promotions in Yekaterinburg.

Now at the ripe age of 37 years old, many fans  have questioned where Silva is as a fighter now that he has taken lots of punishment in the recent years of his career along with losing the goodness of testosterone replacement therapy.

However, Silva showed much durability and heart in his back-n-forth fight with Ivan Shtyrkov in their fight for the Russian promotion. Nearly getting the fight stopped from a brutal onslaught midway through the second round, ‘Bigfoot’ was able to weather the storm to come back and steal the third round. Apparently it wasn’t enough to sway the judges opinions as Shtyrkov won a close three round decision.

Silva landed one of the most signifcant and nasty strikes of the fight with his brutal right uppercut that send Shtyrkov’s mouthpiece flying!

You can view the fight here in all it’s glory at the 3:33:00 mark.