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Little White Girl In A Hood Fight


To start they are all arguing and this white chick is just sitting in the car smiling.

No clue what this fight started over but this white girl didn’t have a chance as soon as she stepped out of her car.

So the black girl in the white shirt comes up and just blast her in the face, hard as hell too. You can see her foot come up and almost out of the window.

The driver, we’ll just assume its her boyfriend, steps out of the car to make sure she’s not going to get jumped getting out.

He stands between his girl and this group that wants to beat her ass, this crazy white girl pushes his arm down like she was ready.

The girl that hit her the first time didn’t even give her a chance to put her fist up. Just started open handed slapping the white chick then grabs onto her hair. Dragging her around like a little rag doll. Although she did get a few knees or kicks in.