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Who Will Be Next For Robbie Lawler?

With UFC 200 being the target date for the next defense of UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler’s title there’s no clear answer as to who be the next challenger.

Usually there would be whispers and rumors of a potential challenger but everything has been so quiet lately when it comes to who will be the next in line for Lawler.

Other weight divisions’ champs are set with match ups and the only other weight divisions that aren’t spoken for are the featherweight division, lightweight division and women’s bantamweight division.

The reason why the featherweight title in in Limbo is because its champion Conor McGregor has yet to defend his belt. He took the fight against Diaz at 170 lbs and will likely rematch Diaz at UFC 200 yet again at 170. it would make most sense for him to vacant the title to free up the clog at the top of the featherweight division since he continues to fight at a different weight class.

The lightweight title isn’t in disarray as its champion Rafael dos Anjos is next rumored to face Eddie Alvarez. Meanwhile, the women’s bantamweight title also isn’t in a state of confusion as its champ Miesha Tate will either face former champ Ronda Rousey or top contender Amanda Nunes.

There hasn’t been news about Lawler’s welterweight title since it was thrust in some surprising news earlier this month. The UFC was set to book a welterweight title fight between Lawler and featherweight champion Conor McGregor at UFC 200 if McGregor had won at UFC 196.

But Nate Diaz came along and foiled those plans when he defeated McGregor. Lawler was genuinely interested in the fight because of course it would have been his most profitable fight of his career no doubt and it would have been an exciting fight for the fans.

Should of, would of, could of though can’t dwell on what ifs for Lawler. Presently, the likely candidates to face Lawler if he was to still fight at UFC 200 are Tyron Woodley or a rematch with Carlos Condit.

I’m not overlooking guys like Demian Maia or Stephen Thompson but those guys likely won’t be ready in time as Maia fights Matt Brown at UFC 198 on May 14th and Thompson fights Rory MacDonald at UFC Fight Night 89 on June 18th.

But If Lawler doesn’t fight at UFC 200 the title picture will be that much more cluttered especially if Thompson and Maia win their fights.

I guess if Maia comes out completely untouched and notches a quick win over Brown then maybe they could give him a title shot if they want to go that route but a quick win over a rugged guy like Matt Brown is expected. Maia is a winner of 4 straight and has at least been active unlike Tyron Woodley.

let me touch basis on Woodley. he is not doing himself any favors sitting on the sidelines and waiting on a promised title shot. Sure hes on a two-fight winning streak but his last win came against Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 183 more than a year ago.

Woodley is hellbent on waiting on the title shot that was promised to him by UFC President Dana White following the cancellation of his UFC 192 fight against Johny Hendricks due to Hendricks missing weight.

We know the track record on the UFC and White with keeping their promises to fighters. Ya its not very good. UFC is a business and they are looking for the most lucrative fights and they know a fight with Woodley and Lawler isn’t exactly a big seller with all due respect to Woodley.

Woodley should be taking fights and staying active and showing people why he is worth a title shot. He should trying keep his name fresh in fans’ minds because lets face it the fans are not exactly clamoring to see Woodley fight for the title.

That brings us to Mr. Carlos Condit. I do believe that he deserves a rematch and it should be at UFC 200. I do think fans want to see it and it would be a big sell because their first fight at UFC 195 was a classic. I’m not a fan of immediate rematches but in this case i am because it was so damn close and it was a great fight.

Close split decision losses are heartbreaking as it is to the losing fighter and Condit has even said if he don’t get the rematch he may retire. Make the rematch happen so there’s more clarity because many fans and even media members had Condit winning.

Of course there has to be a wildcard in the title picture and that honor has to belong to popular former champion Georges St. Pierre. There has been no announcement or no clear indication from GSP himself that he will come out of retirement but the rumors have been strong the last few months. its hard to say hes not coming back with people close to him like his trainer Firas Zahabi and Renzo Gracie strongly saying he is coming back.

If GSP does come back a possible fight with Robbie Lawler definitely is intriguing but i don’t think GSP wants a title shot if he comes back. GSP would want big, cash-cow, marquee fights like a fight with Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor or Anderson Silva. i truly believe GSP doesn’t give a shit about the title and wants the fight that will make him the most money.

No matter who gets the welterweight title shot one thing is for certain Robbie Lawler just wants to fight and he don’t care who it is against.

With UFC’s lineups getting filled up and matches being made daily, expect an announcement on Lawler’s status sometime soon.